Geometrical Animal Tattoo Designs


Lets kick off the blog with a series of geometrical animal tattoo designs. I will be posting many of these as I go through my big pile of drawings. Let's do this in themes shall we? 

These tattoo designs were hand drawn and customized by yours truly and already belong to some very special people. I don't really catalog these as they are customized tattoo designs and ought to be kept that way. 

geometrical,bunny,tattoo,design, bunny tattoo
Geometrical Bunny Tattoo Design
geometrical,bear,tattoo,design,bear tattoo
Geometrical Bear Tattoo Design
geometrical,fox,tattoo,design, fox tattoo
Geometrical Fox Tattoo Design
geometrical,panda,tattoo,design, panda tattoo
Geometrical Panda Tattoo Design

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