Valentines Day and a Dolphin Couple Tattoo


I am spamming posts today because lateness, and switching the laptop on has become a chore these days. Mobile phones and tablets have ruined me for good I tell you.

February has come and gone and so has Valentines Day. To be honest, I drew this a day late as I spent my valentines plodding in the wild with my mom and I mean literally. I'll show you some pictures in a new post. It is so pretty out there.

In other news, I did some research on triangle couple tattoos and found a big majority of triangle couple tattoos were just simple line work which is lovely by the way for minimalist lovers. I on the other hand decided to add a little something in the triangle. A dolphin to be exact. Wouldn't it look kinda cute if you had one part and your other half had the other? The only way the dolphin is complete is when you are together.

Ahh...I am a hopeless romantic.

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Triangle Dolphin Couple Tattoo Design

Love from Me to You

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